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A windy engagement in Seattle

I lost count on how many engagements I have photographed in Pioneer Square and at Pier 66 in Seattle. Both places are so great if you want to capture the city life and vibe of Seattle. There are ton of photo opportunities walking around from one spot to the other, you don’t necessarily have to drive, I think it’s actually better if you either Uber to one of the locations and take a stroll while taking an awesome, diverse set of photos transitioning from Pioneer Square to Pier 66.

In their quest looking for a wedding photographer, Ruby and Ash found me through the Knot website. They loved my reviews from previous brides and they were anxious to meet with me, which I found to be a huge compliment. We met in Renton at Panera Bread, it’s my most common consultation spot, chatting over tea and almond bear scones. Time went by quickly, talked about the booking process, set down a quick plan for their wedding day and we decided to book the date. Fast and easy – Stoked!

We scheduled the engagement quick because their wedding was just a few months away, and we needed to get the photos done for the ‘Save the Date’ invitations. I loved loved loved spending time with them and photographing their genuine connections. You will see from the photos below that I am not joking or showing off when I say that they came out absolutely amazing! Promise! Hope you like them!

 The bike shop we came across in Pioneer Square definitely worked awesome as a start-up point of Ruby and Ash's engagement session.  The bike shop we came across in Pioneer Square definitely worked awesome as a start-up point of Ruby and Ash’s engagement session.

I'm Adina

I'm just a girl devoted to her work, getting her excitement from helping people preserve their memories. My motto: Be Sassy, Classy and a Little Badassy. My Mission: Build Photo Legacies that Last Forever in the Hearts of Families. How? By traveling wherever I'm needed and photographing extraordinary love stories needed to be told. Is yours ready to hit the world? 

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Spider Brand Ambassador here! :)  Find out how the Spider Camera Holster system changed the way I work. It's called ... Efficiency! 


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Finding your favorite fitness or yoga photographer can be a daunting task. While we are more then wedding photographers, we also love doing fitness and yoga photo shoots. Check out the fitness page!


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We have partnered up with Dwellsy Lightbox, an online directory for real estate photography. Invitation only. Boom! 

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