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I am a Destin Wedding Photographer, Curator and Searcher of Light. 


I love to laugh and enjoy life to its fullest. I wear many hats (literally and figuratively), but to the core, I'm a mom, photographer, artist, traveler and loyal friend. My family is everything to me. 

I absolutely love what I do. I am a collector of moments as they come. 

To me, It’s not just about taking the best photos—it’s also about how I make the clients feel. This is an experience from the first initial connection to the final deliverables; it all must be consistent and flawless. It’s important to me that each couple is able to fully enjoy their wedding day, live fully in the moment and know I am there for them each step of the way ; the more we talk through the details and the desires of the couple, the more I am able to capture the wedding fluidly. 

I want my work to have heart and style without sacrificing substance or genuine moments. I strive to create beautiful, honest and timeless images, and deliver a mix of finely curated details as well as real, joyful, unexpected moments. I want my photos to resonate 50 years from now. I've honed an ability to work in any environment and location—from sunny beach wedding portraits, to a  top of the mountain snowy event. No matter the location or circumstance, I'm in-tune with how to best capture portraits and details that feel authentic and bring out the unique beauty and personality of each subject. 


We have all been placed onto this world with a purpose.
Mine is to capture these moments for you and your families, preserve time you won’t ever get back. I want to do that for you, for the world and selfishly - for myself.

It hasn't always been fresh blueberry mojitos with a beach view in South Beach Miami, Prada shoes, black hats, sass and confidence. I was once a little girl who grew up in a big town loving to climb trees, stealing boys' bikes, eating raw pecans off the ground with dirty hands and playing pretend with her dad's old Russian film camera. I remember him taking pictures of all our adventures and felt so empowered each time he would allow me to look through the viewfinder and click the shutter - such an exhilarating feeling. I didn’t know it then, but my journey into photography had begun. 

this is my story

What my father left behind is timeless. He died too young and unfortunately I didn’t get to know him as an adult. Those black and white photographs printed on crinkled edge paper are better than any image that I could ever create. Because they are personal to me, they are my heirloom, they will be my son’s and hopefully passed down even further. 

That’s how I learned that every moment I’m faced with is meaningful and it needs to be kept forever. It’s not only your moment, sooner or later it becomes your loved ones’.  

Growing up, I’ve always been obsessed with the love mom and dad shared. There is one photo that stands out to me - still the first thing you see when you open the pretty little red box of old family photos. It’s a picture of my parents hugging. It is as if my handsome dad just walked into the room, swayed my mom into a dance and brought her into his arms. She was leaning into him with her eyes closed, smiling, with one arm wrapped around her, their hands interlocking, and holding on to her with the other, looking down protectively. That look he had on his face was pure Love. And she felt it! 

Every so often I pull out that box. When my mom visits, she brings more photographs. When my son asks questions about what mommy was like when she was a kid, the photos go to work, each print unveiling a new story. When I go back home to Bucharest and the family gets together on Sundays, it’s the perfect time to reminisce about the past, and I feel like my dad is there with us. He passed away when I was 17. 

Quick Facts

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I'd rather be


Things I can't live without

• The Beach        • Color
• Music               • Mascara

favorite desert

Tiramisu + Macarons

Drink of choice

Gin Martini - Dirty, Extra Olives

favorite show

Black Sails


Gerard Butler (my boyfriend's twin)

guilty pleasure

Definitely Shoes


Be Sassy, Classy & a Little Badassy

secret talent

Cursive Handwriting

listening to

Black Coffee on Spotify (takes the edge off)

best piece of advice

Work Smarter, Not Harder

weekend plans

Brunch or Chilling at the Beach 


Black Sails


Gerard Butler
(who's my boyfriend's twin)

secret talent

Cursive Handwriting

listening to

Black Coffee on Spotify
(takes the edge off)

guilty pleasure

Definitely Shoes


Be Sassy, Classy & a little Badassy




Work Smarter, Not Harder


Mad Men


Clooney, always

secret talent


listening to

John Legend

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money



Fantasy Football

weekend plans


Weddings by Adina is a Pensacola Wedding Photographer, Destinations Wedding Photographer, Destin Wedding Photographer, Best Wedding Photographer in Pensacola, Best Destin Wedding Photographer, top wedding photographers in Pensacola, Florida.

 Behind All Events

We are a team of seasoned photographers whose dream is to keep the sweetness of weddings going and make the whole experience, from booking the date to receiving the fully-edited gallery, simple and memorable, while adding our own fresh lemon twist. 

As your photographers, we are honored and excited to be part of your wedding. Our promise to you is making you feel like naturals in front of the camera and lots of guidance (if needed). We aim to capture and document each beautiful story through a completely stress-free experience, leaving you with an heirloom collection of well curated images in form of digital and printed premium flush-mount albums, because your special day is personal to us, and we plan on photographing it as we would want our own photographed.

Our work has been published in many print and online wedding blogs - Seattle Bride, The Knot, Wedding Wire Blog, Joy Wed, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, The Inspired Bride & more.

Jared joined the team at the beginning of the 2016 wedding season with an open heart, bringing in lots of knowledge and experience. His talent, personable nature and sense of humor always brings back amazing feedback from couples we work with.

With a background in portraiture and event photography in the fashion scene, Jared decided to also venture into weddings. His enthusiasm shows through in his work. He enjoys the challenge of a fast-paced wedding day and handles difficult situations with ease. Jared's favorite thing about photographing weddings (aside from cake) is doing what he loves, having a VIP front-row seat to each couple's special day, and knowing he’s helping create memories that will last for generations.

Jared's innovative ideas to WOW our couples are our way to show our appreciation to each and every one of them. Together we offer our clients a unique experience and work hard to achieve that year after year. 





Personally, I do not believe you can photograph a wedding in one style of photography, you have to do them all. However, my style is fashion oriented, modern, inspired by all things elegant. Timeless brands. Editorial vogue magazines. Different approaches to the everyday mix of things. Anything but basic. 

In a few words, I would define it as Effortlessly elegant, Vibrant, and always Romantic.

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We love to wander, we love to play, we don’t fit a certain script. We constantly think outside the box - always leaving room for magic and having fun brainstorming new cool ideas.


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We have a gift to make people feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera.

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Our professionalism and attention to detail is unbeatable. 

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We go above and beyond for our clients, we love to be helpful and share our knowledge.

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We are fun to work with, responsive, professional and most importantly - Stylish. 

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Aside our creative eye, the high-end photo gear we use is badass and allows us to be creative. 

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