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A Downtown Love Affair at Bodacious Brew on Palafox

Bodacious Brew on Palafox Wedding photographed by Pensacola Wedding photographer, Adina Preston.

A Downtown Love Affair: Rachel and Grey’s Wedding at Bodacious Brew, Captured by Pensacola Wedding Photographer Adina Preston

Ceremony at St. Thomas More Church – A Sacred Beginning The timeless beauty of St. Thomas More Church set the stage for Rachel and Grey’s sacred vows. Located in the heart of downtown Pensacola, the church’s majestic architecture and serene ambiance provided a spiritual backdrop for the couple’s union. Adina’s photography artfully captured the solemnity and grace of the ceremony, as Rachel and Grey exchanged vows in the presence of loved ones.

Downtown Pensacola, with its historic charm and vibrant energy, set the stage for the love-filled union of the couple. The reception venue of choice? The trendy Bodacious Brew on Palafox Street, where the couple’s love story unfolded amidst the rich aroma of coffee beans and the eclectic charm of the city. Pensacola wedding photographer Adina Preston beautifully documented every moment, capturing the essence of a wedding that blended urban chic with heartfelt romance.

Bodacious Brew, with its industrial-chic aesthetic and the irresistible scent of freshly brewed coffee, became a unique and intimate wedding venue. The exposed brick walls and cozy atmosphere complemented the couple’s modern and stylish vibe. Adina’s keen eye for detail ensured that every nuance of the venue’s character was artfully woven into the visual narrative of Rachel and Grey’s special day.

I'm Adina

I'm just a girl playing wedding photographer in Destin Florida, devoted to her work, getting her excitement from helping people preserve their memories.
My motto: Be Sassy, Classy and a Little Badassy. My Mission: Build Photo Legacies that Last Forever in the Hearts of Families. How? By traveling wherever I'm needed and photographing extraordinary love stories needed to be told. Is yours ready to hit the world? 

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Spider Brand Ambassador here! :)  Find out how the Spider Camera Holster system changed the way I work. It's called ... Efficiency! 


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Finding your favorite fitness or yoga photographer can be a daunting task. While we are more than wedding photographers, we also love doing fitness and yoga photo shoots. We work with Navarre athletes develop their brand, through high quality photography, logo design and social media. Check out the fitness website!

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