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Pike Place Market Engagement

Everyone knows I’m a city girl, so any chance I get to be in the city, I take it. I love everything about it – the energy, the busy life, each city’s character and vibe,  all the cultures that merge together as a whole, the architecture and the spice of the downtown and the surroundings. 

Qian and Jackson contacted me a couple of months ago requesting my wedding availability for August, and hired me right away hearing that I had the date open, and not even meeting with me before booking. 🙂 They both found that my photographic style and my all-around portfolio were exactly what they were looking for and they were certain about their decision of having me on board right way. Qian and Jackson are getting married this summer in Woodinville at DeLille Cellars, an opulent castle in the wine country of Seattle, one of the most charming venues around here. However, they opted for a casual engagement at the Pike Place Market, walking around, shopping for treats and flowers, and taking in all the wonderful colors and textures that the market and its vendors has to offer. The day was so much fun, and their shyness of being in front of the camera dissipated right away within minutes. 

Just to put you guys out there at ease – almost everyone is uncomfortable at first while they are being photographed, especially if they have not met their photographer yet, and it’s hard to open up right away and be yourself. But this is why we do this – it’s great practice for the wedding day – on one hand you know what to expect, on the other we kinda do the same exact thing or maybe tweak it a little. It’s part of my job to make you feel a little bit relaxed, but obviously it’s a personality thing as well, so we go as far as you want it to and feel comfortable with! 

I’m always here to listen and work with you no matter what, so let’s make this happen! 

Cheers! Hope you like this set! Qian + Jackson ladies and gentlemen! 🙂

I'm Adina

I'm just a girl devoted to her work, getting her excitement from helping people preserve their memories. My motto: Be Sassy, Classy and a Little Badassy. My Mission: Build Photo Legacies that Last Forever in the Hearts of Families. How? By traveling wherever I'm needed and photographing extraordinary love stories needed to be told. Is yours ready to hit the world? 

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