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Snoqualmie Falls Engagement // Alexa + Chris

This was my first time photographing an engagement at Snoqualmie Falls, a busy place East of Seattle, with tons of tourists coming this way to visit the falls every day. Even though it’s not allowed to be at the bottom of the falls because of safety concerns, I was excited anyway to photograph Alexa & Chris’s engagement over there but we had to follow the rules properly – not something that I often do. 😀 

We began at the top of the overlook spot fighting tons of people who were eager to take selfies left and right, politely asking them to allow us a couple of minutes to take some professional photos with no photobombing for the future Mr + Mrs, so they could send out the ‘Save the Dates’ for their Maui wedding next summer (2018). On top of that, Alexa and Chris brought their fur baby – Ziggy – the cutest pup e-v-e-r, who was going to be the lead subject on their invitations. Needless to say, the promised “couple of minutes” turned into 20 minutes of pleading to people to move and do treat training sessions with Ziggy to keep his attention and tush on spot for the camera. Mission ‘Impossible’ turned into ‘Success’! 

Read their story in Alexa’s words below under the photos. 

Our Story:

Chris and I met in college at Washington State in a golf class of all places, romantic right? What happened was, I had lost my car keys and needed a ride to golf class, I remembered a girl in my sorority was dating the brother of a guy in my class that lived next door so I asked if she could reach out for me to help me get to class. Chris, being the good guy he is was already at class 15 minutes early but said he’d at least give me a ride home. He became my golf class carpool buddy even after I found my car keys a few weeks later. Although, no romantic feelings yet we knew we enjoyed each others company and a friendship formed. 

Over the next year we stayed friends, placing play bets on Lakers vs. Nuggets games, bonding over how much we found we had in common. We went on a few “date dashes” where you ask a date to wear a matching t shirt with you and casually drink together for the evening. About as college as it gets. Then comes valentines day and I am not expecting anything seeing that I’m not seeing anyone and I get a call from Chris saying he got me a present..on valentines day. Knowing that I am an animal freak and cry tears of joy at the sight of any cute little creature Chris got me a beta fish, complete with a tank, food and everything needed to take care of my new little buddy. I decided to name him “Hold my Gil” after the infamous Marshawn Lynch run “Hold my..”..well you know how it goes. 

So this is the part of the story where you would expect that we fell madly in love with each other, lived happily ever after and rode off into the sunset. However, realizing the timing just wasn’t right for us, what we thought might work fizzled out and we just stayed friends. The next year Chris was finishing his second degree and it was my senior year and time to move out of my sorority with some friends. While we’re moving in, who do I find out lives just 3 houses down, yep, you guessed it…Brad Pitt!! Kidding (just keeping you on your toes) it was Chris! He said he knew it was me moving in because of the music I was blasting from my room. Then comes syllabus week which essentially means it’s a week before real school begins and you get to go out and catch up with friends on their summer/winter breaks. I was at good ‘ol Stubblefield’s one night and was going to head home but forgot that I no longer lived right across the street from the bar and had a trek to make it home now. Chris, being a gentleman always offered to walk me home when leaving the bar so that I didn’t have to walk alone. We stayed just friends and no matter what our friends said about how we should just date we were content with what we had, or so we thought.

I like to say we fell in love during spring break…except how was that possible when I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Chris was in Las Vegas? This is where the story get’s good. At this point in our friendship, we talked everyday and me going to another country didn’t stop that (trust me, I think my Mom still has my outrageous phone bill from my trip..sorry and thank you Mom!) Friends kept saying “Just date already!” but I kept saying “It’s not like that!” as only a girl would. Then, one night I was out with friends, fell on my head and had a concussion. I told Chris and from what I’m told he went into panic mode making sure I was alright and talking to me on the phone so I wouldn’t fall asleep. It was in that moment that I think we both realized we weren’t just friends, that the love we had for each other was more than just a friendship. So over 1,000 miles apart is how we realized we loved one another, quite the opposite of the cliche “love at first sight”. 

Upon coming back from Cabo, Chris picked me up from the airport and we both knew something was different. Just a couple weeks later it was my birthday and little did I know Chris had a surprise in store for me. I was at a banquet dinner for my sorority and while I was out, he was decorating my room with pictures of us, roses, and a home made cake that said “Will you go out with me?” 

From then, we graduated, spontaneously got a puppy one day because I was sick and thought just seeing this cute puppy up for adoption would make me feel better. That’s how we ended up with Ziggy, and he’s been our second best decision in life, other than each other of course! We moved in together, saw each other move jobs to each of us finally finding our careers, bought our first house, and got engaged which is how you’re reading all of this today!

The Proposal:

It was a busy week, I had spent that week away in California for a work meeting, flew home Friday afternoon and that evening we had my Grandma’s 70th birthday celebration, then my cousins Bridal Shower that Sunday. By Sunday afternoon, all I wanted to do was relax at home but I forgot I had promised that I’d go to the Newcastle golf course to play a round of put put with Chris when I got home. I begged to let me rain check but he refused and bribed me with getting pho afterwards, which worked. 

On the car ride over to the golf course, I shared how my day was at the bridal shower and kept talking about how stressful it must be to plan a wedding, how my cousin is so brave to do it all herself and how I would panic if I had to plan a wedding right now. I am completely oblivious and just keep talking, all the while in his head he’s thinking…should I rethink this?

We get to the golf course and I am somehow winning which is a miracle but it’s because he keeps shooting 4’s on every hole. Again, I am completely oblivious and almost tease him for getting 4 every time. We’re at the last hole and I shoot first, he goes to get the scorecard and my ball from the hole so that I can tally up the score while he shoots his last shot. He reaches down..turns around..gets on one knee…starts talking…and opens a box with a ring inside. At this point, I couldn’t tell you what happened because it’s such a blur other than I know I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off until he reeled me back in to ask the question and I of course said, YES!

I called all of my family and friends to tell them the news which I found my family of course already knew. I then asked if his family knew, specifically if his brother knew. He says “He’s here taking pictures” and I turn around to see him hiding in the bushes snapping pictures of us. After I semi-calmed down, I asked if we could go get pho now, he laughed and said he actually had made reservations at the restaurant on the course. At dinner, we shared a bottle of wine called “Storypoint” and said this is another point on our story together. I found out that he purposely shot 4 on every hole to celebrate the 4 years we have been dating and left the last hole open to symbolize forever. We have the scorecard framed in our new house.  

Surrounded by the love of family and friends as we begin our forever together in Maui. Just another point in our story that has yet to be written, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you. 

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